“Thanks as well for a great year, but as important another year in which we were confident our investments were well and responsibly managed.”


“Thanks for the glowing report and results which is encouraging and rewarding.”


“So happy that we found you and have been so pleased with our portfolios and service we are receiving from SAM Inc.”


“I wanted to share with you that management of the portfolio by Stuart and his team generated excellent income and growth of capital. From my perspective your portfolio results were great. I really enjoy working with Stuart and find him to be a very professional, competent and kind man.”


“Best wishes to all on our team and thanks for an excellent year.”


“Thank you as always for all your good work and care of us.”


“We also appreciate your wise counsel throughout the year.”


“Best wishes to you and staff, and thank you for brilliant work for all of us!”


“And how can I express my thanks sufficiently for the incredible results you achieved on our portfolio.”