We are committed to providing our investors with the highest level of client service and transparency.

  • Each portfolio is overseen by our team of investment professionals.
  • Investors are kept thoroughly informed about activities in their portfolio through trade confirmations and monthly brokerage statements sent to them by their third-party custodians.
  • Portfolios are custodied at leading global fiduciaries. 
  • On a quarterly basis, investors receive our firm's economic and market overview as well as an in-depth portfolio review, which contains performance for the quarter and the year-to-date period and annualized and total returns since inception.
  • This report also includes a quarter-end statement of the portfolio, including market value, asset allocation, a listing of securities owned, their cost basis and market price, as well as a year-to-date capital gain/loss report. 

To learn more about our commitment to client services, as well as our custody policy, please contact us here.