What Differentiates Us

Thoughtful Leadership.

Our investment team has an average of 25-years of market tested experience through various cycles providing a steady output of innovative ideas and investing opportunities during both stable and volatile market conditions.

Consistent and Methodical Investing.

We have remained single-minded in our fundamental approach to core investing since the inception of the firm. We have maintained a disciplined and systematic investment philosophy which aims to preserve capital in declining markets and achieve long-term positive rates of return in rising periods.

Risk Management.

Since preservation of capital is paramount to our investors, we adopt a focused and rigorous approach to risk through an exhaustive due diligence process and adhere to strict investment disciplines enabling meaningful downside protection.

Our Objective

Shikiar Asset Management's investing philosophy is first and foremost the preservation of capital. Clients who engage us aim to conservatively and thoughtfully increase portfolio growth over a multi-year period with as little volatility as possible. To achieve this, we employ careful asset allocation, prudent security selection and a strict adherence to investment disciplines, which help realize profits and limit potential losses.

In addition, our personalized approach to account management as well as meaningful customization of portfolios promotes a level of understanding of our clients’ needs and goals that goes beyond that of a traditional investment manager. We value our clients and their needs, and as a result, adopt a service-oriented approach. This philosophy enables us to maintain close relationships with other top-tier wealth advisory service professionals, including accountants, lawyers, business managers, trustees and investment consultants.